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100 word micro flash: The Finger of Fate by Hugh Cartwright

  1. The Finger of Fate

by Hugh Cartwright

I’m late reaching the mortuary. And frantic.
“My husband – where is he?”
The manager appears.
“Please,” I cry, “could I have a few moments with him?”
He wavers. “A minute; that’s all.”


My husband – the bloody cheat – lies cold and white.
His phone uses fingerprint recognition, so I flatten an icy finger on it.
There’s no response.
Another finger.
The phone glows. Exposure of his sordid affairs is a touch away.
I dash out as my husband departs for the crematorium.
At home, I open the phone.
The battery has died. The phone is dead.
And his finger is gone.

About the author

Hugh Cartwright lives in the Pacific Northwest, where writing provides relief from his hopeless goal of growing Canadian oranges.

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