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Interview with Sanjeev Sethi

This month WF interviews a regular contributor to Flashes, Sanjeev Sethi. Sanjeev has authored four books of poetry and Bleb from Hybriddreich in Scotland is his latest release. He is published in over thirty countries and his poems have found a home in more than 350 journals, anthologies, and online literary venues.

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Thank you for joining us, Sanjeev.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your writing interests?

I am an Indian writer based in Mumbai. I have been writing and publishing poetry for almost forty years. Bleb is my fourth collection.

Who or what inspired you to write your first poem?

I was a lonely child and extremely sensitive. I recall the joy of reading poetry … whenever in my little mind I could make sense of poetic lines, it would delight me no end. I had this daybook where I used to indite. I have memories of my school magazine publishing my poems. As with many poets, I fell in love, or what I thought was love, when I was thirteen or so. The bliss and baggage that comes with early love crept into my poems. I guess there was enough inspiration in it.

I am intrigued by the title of your book, Bleb a Wee Book’. What does Bleb mean? And why ‘Wee Book?

As it is a compilation of ‘wee poems,’ I wanted the title to be a teeny-weeny word. A cursory look at the titles of the poems drew my attention to Bleb. As you know, Bleb means bubble or blister, so it is interpreted in my mind as temporal. Everything thing in life is fleeting; treat the blisters as such. But readers must create their own meanings of what they read. This is a fundamental difference between perusing a poem and other forms of writing. Poetry requires no instruction. The reader must make sense of
the text in a manner they wish to. […]

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