Leave – by Darren White


by Darren White

Tear this cage away from me,
Take my hand and save me.
I am locked inside of me,
There is no one here but me.

Once one was fierce and proud.
Screaming wild and loud,
Could be heard above the crowd.
Wild and fun to be around.

He caught me and he caged me,
And doused the fiery flame in me,
By force and constant telling me,
He exists, then nothing, then barely me.

I scream and shatter once golden cage.
And fiery hate and love and rage
Come tumbling out, I lift my face
And leave, I go, I turn this page.

© Darren White


Darren White is a poet most concerned with (sexual) abuse and sex-trafficking of boys. Much of his writing focuses on this terrible problem and his strongest desire is that these boys realize there can be a different future for them out there.

Interview with Darren White

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