Leave – by Darren White


by Darren White

Tear this cage away from me,
Take my hand and save me.
I am locked inside of me,
There is no one here but me.

Once one was fierce and proud.
Screaming wild and loud,
Could be heard above the crowd.
Wild and fun to be around.

He caught me and he caged me,
And doused the fiery flame in me,
By force and constant telling me,
He exists, then nothing, then barely me.

I scream and shatter once golden cage.
And fiery hate and love and rage
Come tumbling out, I lift my face
And leave, I go, I turn this page.

© Darren White


Darren White is a poet most concerned with (sexual) abuse and sex-trafficking of boys. Much of his writing focuses on this terrible problem and his strongest desire is that these boys realize there can be a different future for them out there.

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  1. A powerful poem about being controlled, and seeking to overcome the personality that is doing the controlling. To seek the freedom of who one is as an individual is always courageous. We all deserve to find all of our potential. Controlling people always bring on anger or depression sometimes both. Freedom to find the internal self if vital to each of us. I like this poem for it shows a determination to do that vary thing. Escape the bonds of control to free the inner self. We are meant to be who we are.

    a poet friend
    RH Peat

      1. Ah Darren,

        You know this so well. Anything worth having is always worth the effort you put into it. It just makes that revelation that much more valuable in the end. Your closure here is pure magic.

        And fiery hate and love and rage
        Come tumbling out, I lift my face
        And leave, I go, I turn this page.

        first you release hate and gather love, then rage tumbles out. Only then can the face be lifted to see the self without the controller. Only then are you free to leave, to go where you wish. And my God, yes, it’s time to turn the page. And leave the sickness of the controller behind you. Wonderful writing about being controlled and escaping its bonds. Well said.

        a poet friend
        RH Peat

  2. Darren, I love this for my brother, who died too young. He was a dancer, gay and suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church. Thank you.

    1. Lindy, I was a dancer, am gay, and although it wasn’t the Catholic Church for me, this I can relate to as well… I am so very sorry for your brother and for you.

      1. I appreciate you sharing Darren. Thanks. FYI We are currently in the middle of the silliest, non-compulsory postal vote on the planet to see whether our senseless conservative government will have the impetus to allow SS marriage. Wish us luck 🙂

  3. A poem which will resonate in the hearts of so many people, Darren… its fierce swing is the pent energy of one who has found the strength to break free, and the last line brings resolution with real artistry.

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