Mr Alphabet’s Pets

Mr Alphabet’s Pets

By C. Gholy (Chloe Gilholy), winner of the November Purple Pip Challenge A-Z


Alligators munch on
broccoli behind the
cabbage pack.

Dark poisons in disguise;
envy in their eyes.

Frogs escape the fungus,
greets the grapes,
hops on herbs and 
ivy vines –
jungle days are over!

kiwi and kale for 
lizards sleeping on
moss moulds

nocturnal beings
oozing with style

Pepper the parrot’s
quiff sways with grace.
She rocks her feet and
shakes as if there’s a
tango in the cage.

Unripe bananas and
viridian vegetables
wolfed down by
Xander the monkey.
You can’t miss his face!

Zachery Alphabet loves them all!


About the author:

Chloe Gilholy is a writer and carer from Oxfordshire. Her work and hobbies are a huge inspiration for her work. She published her first book, Drinking Poetry in May 2017.

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