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Poetry: Prayer for Healing by Darren White

(read from right to left)

healing for prayer

,bones-snake the for pray
,bones-brittle the
,bones-marrow the
macrophages spread to

healing for pray

skin crinkled over hunched
,fist a like hand left
,feet around curls
leg around closes leg
door iron against glues ear one
pleads ,knocks hand right

ships-mini the release
blood raging into
upstream always

About the author

Darren White is a young poet living in Europe. Although English is not his native language, he loves writing his poetry in that language as it expresses best what he wants the reader to see.

He can write in several poetry forms, but feels that Free Verse suits him best. His poetry is deeply emotional and, even though very metaphorical, tells about his own life. And often about abuse and disability.

Darren has published a poetry collection: Intrinsic Brightness, available at Amazon and has also published work in several literary magazines.

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