Poetry: Dusk by Darren White


by Darren White:

I wait for you
behind the chimney
on the tiled roof

inside the shack near the axe
and the drawing with my face
pinned to the wall

under the desk
while you write
safely tucked between
your feet

in the willow’s shade
amidst stubborn dragonflies
to watch sunset

grief chants inaudible songs
touches your cheek
on the last breeze
before bedtime

and you know I am there
you know

© Darren White



About the author:

Darren White is a young poet from Europe. Although English is not his native language, he loves writing his poetry in that language as it expresses best what he wants the reader to see.

He can write in several poetry forms, but feels that Free Verse suits him best. His poetry is deeply emotional and, even though very metaphorical, tells about his own life.

Darren has published a poetry collection: Intrinsic Brightness, available at Amazon and has also published work in several literary magazines.

Intrinsic Brightness by Darren White
Intrinsic Brightness by Darren White

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Interview with Darren White

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  1. What a touching poem from such a talented young writer. I was blown away. I also read the interview with Darren and I am amazed at the challenges he has faced and the strength he has shown in overcoming them. Congratulations on your book, Darren!

    1. Thanks Rhoda, I am happy you like the poem, and I am blown away that you read the interview as well.

  2. There are so many ways that this poem can be understood but, for me, it is an expression of some special something that has been lost to the outer world but lives on, alive and well, inside the essence of the self. So many people carry something deeply personal and precious that is outwardly invisible and apparently lost for ever. This poem, for me, is a celebration of the resilience of the human soul.

    A beautiful poem that I will read over and enjoy for a long time.

  3. Super-Nova

    With his voice he relights
    the blown-out candle,
    pulls down the night’s shade
    to find expansive blue sky.

    In an imagined fairy dance
    he leaps into the heart
    spins in the brief moment
    to release wings into flight.

    The moon, his lost memory
    the ocean, his deep feelings
    the earth, his furrowed sorrow
    seeds blooms as wild flowers.

    His path illuminates agony —
    what darkness hid from sight;
    with square wheeled steps he
    traverses the constant bridge.

    Where, all eyes roll on oceans,
    where, he turns despair into joy
    where, each loss rediscovers,
    finds pulse in its intrinsic name.

    Each forgotten wound & terror
    become flittering tiger-moths
    in porch light’s renewed flesh
    where death is revived to live.

    the smallest star forever burning
    in the distant heaven holds
    presence in his revived moment
    with constant growing brightness.

    © RH Peat 5/22/2o19

    1. What a beautiful poem in reply, this makes me smile so much 🙂
      Turning despair into joy, so well said.

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