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Poetry: Embarrassing Moment by Patricia Walsh

Embarrassing Moment

by Patricia Walsh

I’ve enough mortification to go to sleep
says you, me finding the honours.
A bullish lifestyle, costing the universe
Rejects me in legion, me taking the slack.

Interrogating friends for want of occupation,
the information gleaned like shredded paper,
a soft landing for your entertainment
depression from the departed sinks in.

A dialogue of my sins reverberates soundly.
A devoted friendship calls its own time.
Pursuing worthy creatures, wasting space
from those who see only the long term goal.

Nothing can dissuade me from table manners
Eating your food, bringing my dishes
to the sink, as ordered, taming the shrew
entangled inside me, an injury rejoiced.

Smoking for revenge, in your general direction,
It does not change how it has to be,
witness for the prosecution, standing by phone calls
to a better nature, albeit unannounced.

Happily seated, being the best revenge.
Where I can never get my grubby paws on you,
stalked by electricity, not taking the bait,
you just lie back and think of England

About the poet

Patricia Walsh was born and raised in the parish of Mourneabbey, Co Cork.  Her first collection of poetry titled Continuity Errors was published in 2010, and a novel titled the Quest for Lost Éire, in 2014.  Her poetry has been published in Southword; Narrator International;  Third Point Press, Revival Journal; Seventh Quarry; Hesterglock Press; The Quarryman; Unlikely Stories; and Otherwise Engaged.  A further collection of poetry, titled Outstanding Balance, is scheduled for publication in March of 2020.  She was the featured poet in the inaugural edition of Fishbowl Magazine, and is a regular attendee at the O Bheal poetry night in Cork city.

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