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Poetry: Killing the Buddha by Bob Callaci

Killing the Buddha

by Bob Callaci

God is Dead
He died yesterday from nothing
Buddha playfully disappeared
into the void
Jesus ran away towards the abyss
to accept Lucifer’s offer
Krishna went insane
his horse kicked him in the head
Mohammed is incapacitated by his laughter
as he watches the infidels die
Abraham pulls out the hairs on his head
as his son’s corpse decomposes
Lao Tzu weeps
over a broken twig

We are alone, many and one
separated, confined, merged and unmerged
confused, deluded, weak and feeble
anointed, appointed, whole and strong
afraid to live, afraid to die
we go the Middle Way

We yearn to know
what we do not know
we know nothing
yet we know everything
we hunger to be enlightened
but we prefer to swim in the dark
for in the dark
is where the light lies

How then does one go about
killing the Buddha
when there’s no one to kill
but ourselves

About the author

Bob Callaci now resides in sunny Florida with his lovely wife. She’s had over the years some murderous intentions towards him but has since stopped sharpening the axe. He’s been writing his epic fantasy works for the past sixteen years. He hopes to have it finished before the angel of Death claims him. He writes prose and poetry that dwells on the dark side of the human condition. Some of his poems have been published in various E-zines but no works of notable significance.

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