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Poetry: Those Little Words That Place You by Claire Massey

Those Little Words That Place You

locate you at
the junctions, the wheres where you decide the rubble goes,
deceptively unsubstantial, small in stature words you’re told
must not be left to dangle.

Prepositions are propositions for junk disposal,
nearby or underneath or close between.
Out in front obscures the view ahead.
Opt to skirt around, back away, hurtle over?
Either way, you’re propelled towards, taken for
a ride, a fool or all you’ve got in reserve.

Prepositions get a bad rap in poems.
But you could do worse than to end with
words that move you distant from,
above, astride, on top of.
Choose one to pull you through
before you’re finish line tired and Beyond
is too far to go.

About the author

Claire Massey has published award winning poetry, short fiction and memoir. Recent work has been published or is forthcoming in Persimmon Tree, The Avalon Literary Review, The Dead Mule, Panoply and Tiny Seed. Her poetry took first place in the 2019 statewide Florida Pen Women competition. She served as co-editor for northwest Florida’s literary journal, The Emerald Coast Review and was appointed Poet Laureate for Pensacola Pen Women in 2019. In June, 2020, she was nominated for the position of Poet Laureate of Northwest Florida.

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