by Ned, joint winner of the Poetry Challenge: “False Fronts”

if I believed the moon was cheese
quite probably
you’d laugh at me

but if instead, I also said
that ball of brie
is my deity

should I then expect
your utter respect?

and though a fool
I’d take my kids 
from school

to teach as I please
on matters of cheese

lay down the law
in metaphor

with others of my ilk
regarding mother 
nature’s milk

and how it churns 
as it slowly turns

so always faces
our world in phases

forever marking time
surely, a sign 
of the divine

yes, we would grow in number
from dumb 
to dumber

build a temple
of stone and bricks
call ourselves ‘lunatics’

inventing prophets 
from history
with revelations of the mystery

it’s all there 
just take a look
faithfully transcribed in our sacred book

and should the astronauts 
drill for oil
they’d find cheese beneath the soil

and if not, we know what to say
god is displeased 
in some large way

we’d stand as brothers
blame the others

til holy war 
is begun
with worshippers of the sun

but even that 
would not end it
for within our church there’d be a split

between camembert and mozzarella
with the british of course 
favouring cheddar

in a conflict that rumbles 
on for years
through centuries of blood and tears

taking up the sword 
in his name
and instruct our young to do the same

til all that’s left 
is death 
and shame…

and so it came to pass
that once again
I ask

to those of you disaffected

should blind faith 
be respected?


About the author (by Darren White)
Everyone who regularly checks the Newsletter and the WF Author Interviews, will know by now that Ned is the man behind the screen, responsible for them, the questions asked are to the point, and they ask for detailed and thoughtful replies. But there is more to the man, he is a fine poet, as you can read here. Several of his poems are published, or will be published in the near future.

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