The Inevitable End

By Roac (Geoff Ryder)

Over the past few days, the weather has really changed at my place. Watching the leaves fall from the trees inspired me to resurrect this (very) short story.

The Inevitable End

I remember when the warm winds of summer would wash over me. A velvet touch that sent me into trembles. I was young then. Full of life. The world was new and grand and expansive around me, as I faced the warm sunshine.

Those were carefree days, when life was easy.

Then things changed. The velvet touch was gone, replaced by something much harsher. It came from another direction, unexpected. I didn’t like it but there was nothing I could do. Time marched on and I was nothing but a passenger.

The world around me had grown dark and cold and I felt my body changing. Young and fresh had been replaced by old and frail.

I hung on to my life with all my strength, as the cold hands of death fought to snatch my soul away. But I wouldn’t let them. I was determined to survive. Many of my friends had already given in. Many were now gone.

Then it happened. My strength wavered and I let go. The only world I had ever known was gone and I felt myself lost. Falling. Twisting and turning. Drifting in the wind until I came to a rest.

Now my brown body is shriveled and decaying. There is nothing left for me. Soon I will be gone.

Death is inevitable. Icy and unforgiving.

As I wait on the ground to be raked into a pile.


Geoff Ryder (Roac) lives with his wife and three boys on an acreage in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Besides being employed full time in the Oil and Gas industry, he enjoys rock climbing, skiing and exploring the local mountains. With any additional free time, he tries to bring the many ideas in his head to life. So many ideas…so little time

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