The numbers that kill you

Winner of the October Poetry Challenge: “Find Meat On Bones”

The numbers that kill you
by Ned:

Sudanese refugees
captured on cell phone
beyond the river to starve and wither
the meat upon the bone

while an earthquake in Persia
cracks your heart of glass
on a scale beyond your measure
lay bodies beyond your grasp

and when the pain and emotion
overcome this simple text
I’ll drain the placid ocean
and count the twisted wrecks

from the lunatic to the typhoon
in a game of Russian roulette
it’s the numbers that kill you…

lest we forget


About the author (by Darren White)
Everyone who regularly checks te newest posts on Flashes of Brilliance, will have read the great Author Interviews. Ned is the man behind the screen, responsible for them, the questions asked are to the point, and they ask for detailed and thoughtful replies. Thank Ned for these, and for the poem we publish here.

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