To Ponder

Winner of the October 2017 Pip challenge “Free Verse”:

To Ponder
by H. Brown
All our lives we search and search,
for something that is hidden
elusive and un-obtained,
yet still we struggleon and on
where do we find this feeling,
of peace and good will on earth?

Peace could be an option,
the perfect happy ending
yet year by year morewars break out,
in this our fractured reality
how may fights must they endure,
before we’ll reconsider?

Eradicate the violence and the shame,
together we can work until we
break down those old walls of hate,
which built up all those years ago
when will the world remember,
that we’re all born the same?

Could we even ponder, nay wonder at,
the beauty that is this world
why must we thenpersist in clinging,
to stubborn ideals ofthe old
can’t we just surrenderand have,
peace, goodwill in ouruniverse?

Shall we then discuss the recent times,
we face, where neighbour turns on
neighbour and we forget to hope,
that a brighter day will bloom
can we even imagine a time,
which we can claim as our own?

Are we then the forgotten, deluded,
majority, the ones who no longer
choose to vote or stand or scream,
that we matter in this world
have our voices fallen silent,
do I truly stand alone?


About the author

Hannah Brown has been writing stories in one way or another since 1998. After graduating from York saint John’s university in 2010, she has gone on to write her first novel, (intended to be published in 2018.) Alongside this she has delved into the world of poetry, with her entry ‘To Ponder’ Hannah wished to convey her strong feelings and question about the world in which we live. Although poetry is an aspect of writing that Hannah wishes to develop further; through hard work and dedication. Her overall aim is to have her writing touch others as other writers touched her.

Words can change the world.

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