We Can’t

by Andrew78 (Andrea Mucciolo)

We can’t

“Don’t be afraid, nothing bad will happen to you”, the woman said again, trying to win over the opposition of the man.
“I don’t know”, answered the man, more hesitant than he had been previously.
“Come on, they have assured me that nothing will hurt us. I’m already feeling better”.
“Who assured you?”, the man asked.
“A friend”, replied the woman.
“We can’t, and you know it very well. Leave it, please”, the man declared, trying to give his voice a steadiness that was totally lacking.
“Why are you scared? Don’t you trust me?”
“No, it’s not that… really, we just can’t, don’t keep banging on me, please”, again stated the man.
“I’m telling you, we have to do it, it’s for our sake”.
“It is forbidden, you know it, stop it, we cannot do it”, the man reiterated again.
“Oh, I’m sick of this, if you really love me you must do it, now, or else you better start looking for another woman and, my beloved, I can guarantee to you it’ll be really difficult for you to find!”, vigorously affirmed the woman.

The man did not answer. He stood, still, brooding over the woman’s words. No, he never could had gone without this woman, even though he had never seen her yet.

“All right, I’ll do it”, the man said, amidst a huge turmoil of his soul.
“Good, sweetheart”, replied the woman with a smile.

The man, with his hands both trembling, slowly, took the apple from the woman’s hands and bit it.

And thus, it began the descent of Humankind.


Andrea Mucciolo (Rome, 1978 ) is an italian writer, poet and aphorist. Some of his works has been published on italian literary magazines (Inchiostro, Poesia). He published, between 2006 and 2012 seven books, including three collections of poetries and aphorisms.
From 2012 to 2015 he was also the publisher of “Edizioni Galassia arte”, an italian publishing house that he founded.
Currently he works as a SEO. His passions, besides reading and writing, are language learning, and recently he has founded an online language learning platoform, Lingostan.

More of his works can be found at: http://www.andreamucciolo.com

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