WiFs 35 – December 2017

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Another year has come and gone, and yet another brings promises of better days ahead, but here in the land of WF, the continued success of our community is the number-one goal of the owners and staff of this fine forum. 2017 has been a year of ups and downs for everyone, and life on-line is no different. We watched long-time servants depart, and veteran members leave, but we’ve also welcomed new blood and celebrated the return of a number of WF stalwarts. In amongst all of the toil and trouble, we’ve had another successful year as one of the best writing forums on the Internet. (Sam)

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Created in 2014, Flashes is a privately owned literary website. We publish short stories, non-fiction, flash fiction and poetry. Our goal is to give talented writers a platform to showcase their creativity, with an emphasis on original voice, innovative style and challenging plots.

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