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Searching for Nemo by TL Murphy

100-word micro-flash

Searching for Nemo 

by T.L. Murphy

We had three tabs left. I put on some Led Zeppelin. Dave sunk into the big armchair, Nemo took the couch and I sat at my desk. Dave held an unlit cigarette. He turned to Nemo, “Got a light?”

Nemo was staring at the ceiling. I got up and danced to Stairway to Heaven. When the song ended, Nemo was gone.

“Got a light?” Dave said.

I decided to go look for Nemo. I walked outside and listened to the birds for hours. Never found Nemo. When I came back, Stairway to Heaven was playing.

“Got a light?” said Dave.

About the author

T.L. Murphy is the Poet Laureate of Canmore, Alberta.  He has published poetry and short fiction in Freefall, Wax, Light Journal of Poetry and Photography, Grain, The Antigonish Review, The Eckerd Review, Blue Sky Poetry, geist.com, Migratory Words volumes 3, 4 & 5, Poetic Imaginations, Occupy, and Poetry Hall.  He is a spoken-word performance artist and author of the chapbook “Up Cape Fear” available at Lulu.com.  His collection “100 Words, 100 Stories” is forthcoming. See more of T.L. Murphy’s work at https://tlmurphypoetry.wordpress.com

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