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Poetry: An Out-Of-Bounds SKIER Views The City At Night by Clark Cook

An Out-Of-Bounds SKIER Views The City At Night by Clark Cook

he was calm now        basking almost
in the quiet of his slowing heart
blood sludging through
arteries cased in ice      veins
narrowed to frigid tendrils

he had been sitting there for hours

he stared down at the splintered bone
poking through his ski pants
the pool of blood shadowed by fading light
no pain
no feeling
his crumpled legs and hips 
owned now by the creeping cold

far below him spread out in the clear night
to the limits of sight
the lights of Vancouver blazed 
a million vehicles hummed
    artists painted
    lovers caressed
    women laughed
    friends met
coats hung on pegs in heated rooms

he no longer remembered warmth
no longer felt the cold
he was one with the crusted snow
the increasing wind
the hollow echo as it swept through him
past him to the wolf’s yellow eyes
                                where he waited

a front paw on a blue ski glove
where it had flown as his body       tumbled
over the cliff       smashed on the rocks


he could not remember his name
did not know where he was or    why
could no longer see

the mountain spoke          wind
a narrow echo weaving through him
hollowed a channel slowly towards his heart
no longer heard even the slow-sludge beat
could         no           longer        hear the wind
no longer knew his body
     blood locked in ice
     mountain wanted him now
     mountain wanted him now
his rigid body collapses slowly to the waiting ice
a warm yellow a puff of breath on his cheek
marble eyes stare empty at the glitter                                              
                                                         of the city below    

© clark cook Jan 2020

About the author:

Clark Cook talked about literature with Canadian university students for over 30 years, and was actually paid to have so much fun. Retired now, he writes (mostly) poetry and fiction (working on two novels). His poetry has been awarded three first-prizes in publishers’ competitions since 2014. Clark’s poetry weaves through the great myths, memories, and landscape on threads of image and metaphor to open potential new ways of Seeing for his readers. Maybe. If everything’s working. The poet and a son’s family co-occupy a home in the Vancouver area.

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