By Jennifer Christie Temple Impostor He wore life like an overcoat plucked from a peg by the door of a pub. He always knew

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Andrew Clunn

The Siren Temptation

Andrew Clunn: The Siren Temptation Fools told you to seek contentment, and to cast me away. They claimed I bring pain and disappointment. That

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Respect       by Ned, joint winner of the Poetry Challenge: “False Fronts” if I believed the moon was cheese quite probably you’d laugh

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The Horror of War

by Michael Edwards It’s not that I am in a straight jacket in this place of eternal institution that bothers me. It’s the fact

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Chloe Gilholy

Mr Alphabet’s Pets

Mr Alphabet’s Pets an A -Z poem by Chloe Gilholy Alligators munch on broccoli behind the cabbage pack. Dark poisons in disguise; envy in

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Peace, Brother

By T.L. Murphy Peace, Brother  for Glen We have shoveled enough silence and plowed enough wine to know the bottom. That dark nematode. All

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Dominique Galiano

God Bless the Universe

God Bless the Universe by Dominique Galiano Blessings are needed everywhere during these turbulent times on Earth, world leaders on the edge of madness,

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Poetry: Fading by Darren White


Fading by Darren White I am afloat and see no land; I’m thrown and pulled in silence The only sound my grappling hand in

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