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  • Abyss


    Abyss by Neetu Malik She opens her hands, clenched for years in tight fists like a new-born, but these fists hold no secrets of

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  • Bohemian Dream

    Bohemian Dream

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    There has to be an answer, he sang, as he watched the fireflies dance. The promise of eternity shone in a weed and mushroom
  • Poetry: The Giggle

    Poetry: The Giggle

    by Harry Hyman The Giggle In the misty, murky mire of a mangled, marshy mud rose a Moon betwixt the shadows ‘neath a starry
  • What The Truck?

    What The Truck?

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    By Fred Weller What The Truck?   “The new Bevey Trucks are the most dependable trucks on the market, winning BS Power awards for
  • The Siren Temptation

    The Siren Temptation

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    Andrew Clunn: The Siren Temptation Fools told you to seek contentment, and to cast me away. They claimed I bring pain and disappointment. That
  • Pared


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    Pared (Syllabic Meter) bullish rhetoric excavating foundations to build upon sand each brick in the wall demolishing decency building barricades civility pared layer by layer
  • Quid Pro Quo

    Quid Pro Quo

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    by Terry Durbin “Ya’ll ask him now, you hear me?” Jeanne was near the door, out of my limited field of view. I had
  • In Dreams Do Nightmares Come

    In Dreams Do Nightmares Come

    One morning I woke up to find I was dead all alone in my home still and stiff in my bed. How curious to
  • 1974


    by Lindy Warrell A new house in Darwin, angels twinkle and bells tinkle on a fresh pine branch in the corner while fridge and freezer
  • Pushed To The Edge

    Pushed To The Edge

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    Pushed to the edge  by Bob Brown Authors note: This is a true story, it happened Oct 22, 2016. Thanks to the “Stand your
  • Alfred Went to War

    Alfred Went to War

    by Clark Cook  this man shrugged casually with all the other smooth young men who yawned their eager eyesooooto war then died in bloodsoaked