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  • Dad’s Widow

    Dad’s Widow

    Dad’s Widow By Cindy Adame She wears an old, comfortable robe belted tightly about her, lest a peek-a-boo of joy slips through, titillates an
  • Poetry: Urban Astrology

    Poetry: Urban Astrology

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    By Ruth Asch Urban Astrology Watching long, clouded hours, no stars to give desire or destiny… I gaze from storied windows over the townscape’s
  • Superheroes


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    Superheroes by Geoff Ryder There are defining moments in everyone’s lives, moments that change everything forever. I clearly remember my moment. It happened twenty-five years
  • The Place

    The Place

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    by Terry Durbin. The Place looks just like I remember, a wide, low, cement block building squatting like a sick white toad between two


    by Darren White Tear this cage away from me, Take my hand and save me. I am locked inside of me, There is no
  • Mr Alphabet’s Pets

    Mr Alphabet’s Pets

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    Mr Alphabet’s Pets an A -Z poem by Chloe Gilholy Alligators munch on broccoli behind the cabbage pack. Dark poisons in disguise; envy in
  • To Ponder

    To Ponder

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     To Ponder by Hannah Brown All our lives we search and search, for something that is hidden elusive and un-obtained, yet still we struggle
  • I am turning into my Grandpa

    I am turning into my Grandpa

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    I am turning into my Grandpa. by Bob Brown In the driveway, I sit in the car, I watch as the lights go on
  • Pushed To The Edge

    Pushed To The Edge

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    Pushed to the edge  by Bob Brown Authors note: This is a true story, it happened Oct 22, 2016. Thanks to the “Stand your
  • Buddy Bear

    Buddy Bear

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    by L. G. Cullens With every awakening come nigh on first light, I sense the breath of a canine presence quite near. An intent