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  • Dad’s Widow

    Dad’s Widow

    Dad’s Widow By Cindy Adame She wears an old, comfortable robe belted tightly about her, lest a peek-a-boo of joy slips through, titillates an

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  • Secrets of the Bayou

    Secrets of the Bayou

    by Robert Callaci Jumping Jack Jimmy Jam Jones lived in a mud shack deep down in the bayous of Louisiana. Jimmy Jam was a
  • Sparrow June Falls in Love

    Sparrow June Falls in Love

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    by Kyle Richardson Sparrow June falls in love with Reason Cartwell at exactly 3:43 in the afternoon—under a cherry blossom tree, to be precise.
  • The Smell of Burning Bling

    The Smell of Burning Bling

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    By  Tim L. Murphy The Smell of Burning Bling      after Ocean, Thirty-Six, by Sue Goyette  We went to the old blind man who
  • Escape


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    by Rob Essley “For from this viewpoint, nothing ever changes except your proximity to the Truth.” — Ichart Gerbier, 1788 Throngs of black-headed matchsticks
  • Alfred Went to War

    Alfred Went to War

    by Clark Cook this man shrugged casually with all the other smooth young men who yawned their eager eyesooooto war then died in bloodsoaked
  • A Darkening Night

    A Darkening Night

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    by Gerald Dunnett The sky turns grey as a tombstone And the land darkens into dusk As the sun lurks, towards the night As bushy
  • 1974


    by Lindy Warrell A new house in Darwin, angels twinkle and bells tinkle on a fresh pine branch in the corner while fridge and freezer
  • Superheroes


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    Superheroes by Geoff Ryder There are defining moments in everyone’s lives, moments that change everything forever. I clearly remember my moment. It happened twenty-five
  • The End of Forever is Tomorrow (a Sestina)

    The End of Forever is Tomorrow (a Sestina)

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    Bob Callaci: The songs of creation shall be sung, not spoken, and will last forever and Eternity- It arises from the nothingness that the
  • Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

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    by Harper J. Cole  One fine April morning, Antimony Jackson tripped over the collection of stuffed animals that cluttered her hallway. ‘Bother it,’ she

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