Story of the Week

  • Carne Asada by Rob Coapman

    Carne Asada by Rob Coapman

    Carne Asada by Rob Coapman The maître d’ is approaching with a slight woman whom I recognise from magazine interviews. He introduces her in

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Featured Works

  • Pared


    Pared (Syllabic Meter) bullish rhetoric excavating foundations to build upon sand each brick in the wall demolishing decency building barricades civility pared layer by layer
  • Abyss


    Abyss by Neetu Malik She opens her hands, clenched for years in tight fists like a new-born, but these fists hold no secrets of
  • Buddy Bear

    Buddy Bear

    by L. G. Cullens With every awakening come nigh on first light, I sense the breath of a canine presence quite near. An intent
  • The Myth of Dragon

    The Myth of Dragon

    by Joshua Slone When Earth was young, Sun sat on his throne atop the mountains. The world lay hot and bright below him, for
  • Poetry: The Giggle

    Poetry: The Giggle

    by Harry Hyman The Giggle In the misty, murky mire of a mangled, marshy mud rose a Moon betwixt the shadows ‘neath a starry
  • Train Story

    Train Story

    Train Story By T.L. Murphy Frank can’t wait any longer.  He stands up and squirms past the woman with the kid without making eye
  • Because I’m Insane . . .

    Because I’m Insane . . .

    by Susan Coleman: I live on the fifth floor of a senior-only apartment building. I have two windows in my apartment, both of which
  • Where’s Danny Boy

    Where’s Danny Boy

    by Susan Coleman  His father had given him the compass before he left on his business trip, but Daniel had no idea how to use
  • The Horror of War

    The Horror of War

    by Michael Edwards It’s not that I am in a straight jacket in this place of eternal institution that bothers me. It’s the fact
  • Oh, to be an Alien Virgin …

    Oh, to be an Alien Virgin …

    by Harper J.Cole Oh, to be an Alien Virgin … I still remember the first time I saw my favourite movie, Alien. I was 14