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  • Abyss


    Abyss by Neetu Malik She opens her hands, clenched for years in tight fists like a new-born, but these fists hold no secrets of

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Featured Works

  • Anniversary


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    Anniversary Colin Topley Daisy pulled shut the front door of her neat little bungalow and walked down the gravel path to the road. As
  • Where Boats Go To Die

    Where Boats Go To Die

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    by Fred Weller Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere
  • Bohemian Dream

    Bohemian Dream

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    There has to be an answer, he sang, as he watched the fireflies dance. The promise of eternity shone in a weed and mushroom
  • Snow White Rewrite

    Snow White Rewrite

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    by Jennifer Christie Temple Snow White had grown tired of living in poverty in a little cottage in the woods with her poor father.
  • That Sort Of Bloke

    That Sort Of Bloke

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    By Olly Buckle That Sort Of Bloke “It is a cliché that there are two sorts of people,” he said, “But when I look
  • Respect


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    Respect       by Ned, joint winner of the Poetry Challenge: “False Fronts” if I believed the moon was cheese quite probably you’d laugh
  • Buddy Bear

    Buddy Bear

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    by L. G. Cullens With every awakening come nigh on first light, I sense the breath of a canine presence quite near. An intent
  • When The Mud Dries

    When The Mud Dries

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    By Bob Callaci “I can’t believe that it’s come to this,” thought Jesse Lee. “I’m gonna die in this shithole, alone, with no one to
  • Because I’m Insane . . .

    Because I’m Insane . . .

    by Susan Coleman: I live on the fifth floor of a senior-only apartment building. I have two windows in my apartment, both of which
  • Poetry: The Giggle

    Poetry: The Giggle

    by Harry Hyman The Giggle In the misty, murky mire of a mangled, marshy mud rose a Moon betwixt the shadows ‘neath a starry