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Fiction: Footnotes on the Hemford Event by J. Daniels

Footnotes on the Hemford Event (597 words)

by J. Daniels

1 which, being the “Apex of Summer”, was hot, clear and cloudless

2 Reports suggested that the two participants (“Ellis” and “Sandy”) had had a longstanding dispute, though this was never divulged whether it concerned land or personal effects or some other business. Some speculated a common romantic interest, but again, it was not clear. Certainly, no-one from the towns around Hemford has come forward as a named person of interest, and no reliable paperwork has been filed on the matter. Stories and myths, however, abound, and provide a curious pattern of their own.

3 None of the notes and diaries imply that anyone saw them leave to go up into the Sardona, which is the range of hills nearby. That was conjectured from the noise of the gunshot and the fact that they were both absent from the dawn moot.

4 a stream which parallels the track leading to the Eskins smallholding. Its source is said to be among the northwestern crags of Great Sardona Four, “The Bullock”, though no documents confirm or refute this. It is considered irrelevant.

5 a hamlet some five hours away by foot, or three hours and seven minutes when ridden at a slow to medium pace (best recorded EX., 1844).

6 Sheriff Taglia was alerted to this fact by Dr. Priscilla Yatton, who wished it to be duly noted.

7 (Editions 17 and later) the anomaly was later assumed to be a stray asteroid or comet[evidence required]. The inhabitants of Hemford would have most likely taken it as a heavenly sign, doubtless connected with the other concurrent incident.

8 A midsummer sun celebration, somewhat akin to Baisakhi or perhaps May Day.

9 Please refer to the notes on page 514 of the fourth edition (hardback), subsection E, clause iv

10 This is concordant with an eyewitness report, located an estimated seventy miles southeast of Ludva, and which claimed the “sky went to a darker-than-usual blue”. The individual also reported a drop in temperature and a change in behavior of nearby wildlife (birds, etc.).

11 Forensic findings have verified that the first gunshot happened approximately five seconds before the impact. Both bullets were later discovered. Only one had its shape deformed, and that but slightly, hence our ongoing investigation.

12 Two sets of footsteps, anecdotally matching Ellis and Sandy’s profiles as they have been described. One had a mild deviation characteristic of a limp.

13 A sinusoidal waveform

14 Here is where they separated. Please note that the event did affect local weather for some time, so the usual patterns and processes may become unreliable/should not be used unless etc.

15 Markings discovered much later (see editions 46 and after) indicate the crags of Great Sardona Four (“The Bulloch”) [sic] may have been struck by one of the bullets, possibly causing the deformation.

16 It is the belief of this investigation that both parties (“Sandy” and “Ellis”) are still living and furthermore may have valuable knowledge concerning the event.

17 This refers to the separate body of work that provides a detailed analysis of spring water and runoffs in the region.

18 Borriss and Sanchez’s 1876 paper On Ballistics and the Hemford Event conclude that the second gunshot was fired zero-point-three-zero-seven seconds after the impact, but before any sound waves and natural ground undulations would have reached the two participants.

19 Relatives of Sheriff Taglia dispute this notion (ongoing, 104th Ed.).

20 A follow-up investigation has been commissioned. Please refer to that when cross-referencing all subsequent materials. Details can be found on page 307. No other survivors are known to exist.

About the author:

J.Daniels is a writer and editor living in West Yorkshire, England with his wife, two daughters, two dogs, and a host of imaginary friends who’d love to feature in his SFF writing. He also enjoys music and cycling, and has one short story under the pseudonym bdcharles published in Fantasy Faction.

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