WritingForums Community Poetry Podcast

For Podcast #7 we decided to try something a little different. This is a fun podcast where each WritingForum member recorded their own poetry reading. The idea proved a nightmare for our new podcast host and editor, Stuart Marshall, who was responsible for removing the hums, clicks and clanks from the various sound files. Great job, Stuart!

Duude, by J-Mag Guthrie
Bittersweet Memory by Cran
How Does the Moon Revolve, by Jen Christie
Just One More Love Poem, by Ned Hayes
The Awakening, by Carole Hill
God Had an Idea, by Tim Murphy
Imagined Words from a Brave Man, by Sas Motown
The Vigil, by Cindy Adame
Twilight of thought by Cran

Listen to “Episode #7” on Spreaker.


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