Train Story

Train Story By T.L. Murphy Frank can’t wait any longer.  He stands up and squirms past the woman with the kid without making eye

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Ghost Tracks

by Duane Pesice The muted swish of cymbals hisses from a speaker in the corner of a darkened room. A small red light winks in

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That Sort Of Bloke

By Olly Buckle That Sort Of Bloke “It is a cliché that there are two sorts of people,” he said, “But when I look

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The Horror of War

by Michael Edwards It’s not that I am in a straight jacket in this place of eternal institution that bothers me. It’s the fact

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Geoff Ryder


Superheroes by Geoff Ryder There are defining moments in everyone’s lives, moments that change everything forever. I clearly remember my moment. It happened twenty-five years

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Where’s Danny Boy

by Susan Coleman  His father had given him the compass before he left on his business trip, but Daniel had no idea how to use

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When The Mud Dries

By Bob Callaci “I can’t believe that it’s come to this,” thought Jesse Lee. “I’m gonna die in this shithole, alone, with no one to

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The Place

by Terry Durbin. The Place looks just like I remember, a wide, low, cement block building squatting like a sick white toad between two

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Author - Terry Durbin

Quid Pro Quo

by Terry Durbin “Ya’ll ask him now, you hear me?” Jeanne was near the door, out of my limited field of view. I had

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