Neetu Malik


Abyss by Neetu Malik She opens her hands, clenched for years in tight fists like a new-born, but these fists hold no secrets of

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Poetry: Memento by Ruth Asch

By Ruth Asch Memento Mum’s broken angel old-gold fragments on the floor: no longer relic but sacred waste to be disposed of carefully –

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By Jennifer Christie Temple Impostor He wore life like an overcoat plucked from a peg by the door of a pub. He always knew

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When Cowboys Were Kings

Anderson Freeman: When Cowboys Were Kings when cowboys were kings a small black rider pointed his toy pistol at a world surrogate TV fathers

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Nexus (for Neruda)

by RC James Nexus (for Neruda) a sun-sprawled, ambling Sunday, I see him and his wife speak to families on the sidewalk; each encounter

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Andrew Clunn

The Siren Temptation

Andrew Clunn: The Siren Temptation Fools told you to seek contentment, and to cast me away. They claimed I bring pain and disappointment. That

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