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Poetry: The Ardent Rush by R.H. Peat

The Ardent Rush

by R.H. Peat

They come to hear the song in river;
there swimmers wade within the deep.

They hope to be in rippled ringlets;
where reach in swift prolonged-silence
will catch that part in current’s push.

They choose to wash in eddy’s swirl
where water slows in quiet depth.

They want to drown in liquid light
that calls their face-in-time to turn
to vibrant glow. The river shifts
in swells to lift and carries them
beyond the fluid plunge in joy.

They know the hum and rush in stream
is true and just, inured by dreams.


The river whispers long and deep
To those that stand along its shore

Oh it, may hide in shades beneath
their bright umbrellas spread in time,
but surge will not conceal its bones

The pulse inside its blood reveals
the coursing sound in secret coves.

In play, the flow reflects the gifts
in darken rend to quicken light
where movement swiftly shows the heart
the way immersed in frothy gush
to pull and whirl in endless sweep.

There the swimmers float to realize
What’s shaded deep behind their eyes.

© RH Peat 2-8-2020

Author’s note: 2 Smith sonnets: blank verse, closures have rhyming couplets, iambic tetrameter/ 10 stanzas/ 28 lines

About the author

R.H. Peat lives in California foothills of Sierra Nevada Mt. Published in the USA, New Zealand, India, England, Canada, and Japan. He has operated Open Mics, taught poetry workshops, read his works on radio & TV. He’s been listed in top 100 in Writer’s Digest Annual Poetry Competition; he’s operated poetry readings – sponsored by Poets & Writers Magazine. He’s published regularly in anthologies. His published book is titled: “Abyss of The Moon” (LCCN # 2010909546) It’s found on amazon. He’s won awards for his poems in competitions. He operates a closed workshop on the internet at Writing Forums.com with members from several countries including, Australia, England, Canada, Holland & India.

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