Poetry: Bed of Sky

Photo By RH Peat: “The Rippled Sheet Between” 

By RHPeat:

Bed of Sky

I’m held in a field of star nettles
amid the settled summer dust
where an ancient oak touches
the wide sky; there I slumber.

I am clad as a red-wing blackbird;
I’m at home in the boggy marsh
where I build my nest in the reeds
for all that Spring has to offer me.

I am from the far-side, the other
side of the steep hill, beyond
the horizon where the road
winds up to the rounded top.

I continue that outstretched
dream where evergreen oaks
climb the hillside to reach my
land at the earth-quilted summit.

I am a ball of pliable clay wanting
to become that awakened design
within an artist’s agile hands where
his imagination and memory play.

I am the torrid ravine rolling over
rocks and around turns; I’m filled
with laughing water that glides by
banks of blackberry brambles.

I am that single white cumulus
cloud that deeply hangs within
the midday sky like a fat fluffy
pillow that awaits your silky sleep.

© RH Peat: 3/29/05


RH PEAT, is 75, lives in California; He’s published his poetry in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, India, England, Canada, and Japan. He’s taught workshops and operated poetry readings in California. He now operates a closed poetry workshop forum for writers on the internet.

The book “Abyss Of The Moon” can be bought at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon


ISBN: HARDCOVER 978-1-4535-2930-0
ISBN: SOFTCOVER 978-1-4535-2929-4
ISBN: EBOOK 978-1-4535-2931-7

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