Poetry: Bed of Sky

Photo By RH Peat: “The Rippled Sheet Between” 

By RHPeat:

Bed of Sky

I’m held in a field of star nettles
amid the settled summer dust
where an ancient oak touches
the wide sky; there I slumber.

I am clad as a red-wing blackbird;
I’m at home in the boggy marsh
where I build my nest in the reeds
for all that Spring has to offer me.

I am from the far-side, the other
side of the steep hill, beyond
the horizon where the road
winds up to the rounded top.

I continue that outstretched
dream where evergreen oaks
climb the hillside to reach my
land at the earth-quilted summit.

I am a ball of pliable clay wanting
to become that awakened design
within an artist’s agile hands where
his imagination and memory play.

I am the torrid ravine rolling over
rocks and around turns; I’m filled
with laughing water that glides by
banks of blackberry brambles.

I am that single white cumulus
cloud that deeply hangs within
the midday sky like a fat fluffy
pillow that awaits your silky sleep.

© RH Peat: 3/29/05


RH PEAT, is 75, lives in California; He’s published his poetry in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, India, England, Canada, and Japan. He’s taught workshops and operated poetry readings in California. He now operates a closed poetry workshop forum for writers on the internet.

The book “Abyss Of The Moon” can be bought at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon


ISBN: HARDCOVER 978-1-4535-2930-0
ISBN: SOFTCOVER 978-1-4535-2929-4
ISBN: EBOOK 978-1-4535-2931-7

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  1. This is a beautiful poem, not only the images you paint here, but also all of the richness of the language, internal rhyme, and the metaphors and symbolism in it.
    There are just too many little gems I’d like to quote, I just can’t make a choice. I will choose one little part, about the rocks, because the alliteration and assonance and sound play here IS about rocks: “I am the torrid ravine rolling over rocks and around turns;”
    Thank you, Darren.

    1. Darren

      you pick the turn of the poem as the narrows in the stream what flow is rapid and condensed into a forward thrust. The closure itself spreads out into wide sky, and a restful place of content. So in a sense you have chosen the storm before the clam after the storm. There is a ruggedness to the turn in the poem.

      I am the torrid ravine rolling over
      rocks and around turns; I’m filled
      with laughing water that glides by
      banks of blackberry brambles.

      Even the thorns of the blackberry brambles are their to show that there is possible injury in the turn/ climax of the poem. The “B’s” in the last line are also quite musical in this turn in the poem. If it wasn’t for the “R;s” in the opening of the stanza the “B;s” might become overpowering. But the two sounds balance one another.

      a poet friend
      RH Peat

      1. I agree, I did choose that stanza for it’s alliteration, and sound play. It has a special place in the poem as a whole, because after that indeed, the poem ends in blue and white sky and in calm and peace.
        It’s a very musical stanza indeed.

        1. Darren you are just an exceptional reader and person. I like all your efforts here in Flashes of Brilliance and your keen insight. I wish you well on your journey as a publisher here.

          a poet friend always
          RH Peat.

  2. You have created so many lovely pictures in this poem! I especially like the third stanza-the far side-it reads aloud so well and the last stanza as you create a space to rest. Above all of that is the perfect title! In three words you have summarized it all 🙂 Just got the book-must read more.

    1. Thanks Sara

      I think you will enjoy the rest of the book. Some of the last love poem in the book were written for my dear wife.

      a poet friend RH Peat

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