When Cowboys Were Kings

Anderson Freeman:

When Cowboys Were Kings

when cowboys were kings
a small black rider
pointed his toy pistol
at a world

surrogate TV fathers guns ablaze
rode gold and silver steeds
a child different from them watched
as they saved the world in episodes

a metal box shining with new color
walked with him to school
Lone Ranger exclaimed, “Hi-Ho, Silver”
Tonto, said, “Giddy-up, Scout”

a basement transformed into wilderness
a wooden rocker rides through it

wearing a black dime store mask
he folds his hat brim like in the comic books
knowing nothing about the bad guys yet to come


About the author:

Cugoano is a late bloomer to seriously writing poetry. He tends towards realism in his poetic style. His desire is to create a poetic legacy for his adult children and grandchildren. After achieving a doctorate in clinical psychology, he brings both his life experiences growing up in Detroit, Michigan (USA) and his perspective as a psychologist to his poetry.

Cugoano (AKA Anderson Freeman) lives in Chicago, Illinois USA

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