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Poetry: Confetti by Brian Koester


belladonna shortcake
belladonna parfait
crazy cherries
darkest berries
against bright
whipped cream
not too sweet
belladonna crepes
belladonna smoothie
looks just
like blackberry
the Nightshade
the beautiful woman
who will never leave you
she hijacks
my mind
in the darkest
of the four chambers
that she shakes
take me back
to where I never was
where the garden fence
screens out the heavy
breathing of beasts
where the sun throws live
confetti on the grass

About the author

Brian Jerrold Koester is a Pushcart Prize nominee and a Best of the Net Anthology nominee. His collection is titled What Keeps Me Awake (Silver Bow Publishing) and his chapbook is called Bossa Nova (River Glass Books). His work has appeared in Agni, Streetlight Magazine, Delmarva Review, Right Hand Pointing, Louisiana Literature, and elsewhere. He lives in Lexington, Massachusetts and has been a freelance cellist.

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