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Poetry: Marooned by Cindy Adame


Each morning
you are surprised to see me,
as if 
I have been dropped into your living room
by an alien spacecraft.
Teleported down
to observe mankind.

We drink coffee, watch tv.
I fix your meals, wash your clothes
shower your frail frame
comb your thin hair.

In return, you teach me
how barren your world is.
How pointless
human life can be. 

You show me that I was wrong.

Your world
does not revolve around a third rate star
in an obscure solar system.

And I think that maybe
are the alien.

About the author

Cindy Adame was born in Phoenix Arizona, but has spent most of her adult life in Bakersfield California. Recently retired, she has decided to pursue a lifelong passion to write. Being both a mother and grandmother, she has a rich source for her poetry and children’s books.

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