The Pragmatist

by Neetu Malik
The Pragmatist

He is afraid
          of open spaces,
which fade
into the 

become shining dots and glimmering lines
of nothingness

he fears mirages;
they make his head spin,
give him migraines

he claims
there is 
nothing worse
than nausea

with stabbing pain

so he stays where
roots might grow 
under his feet

where he can build fences
and five-foot high walls

to be pain-free
and contained.


For Neetu, poetry is an expression of the rhythms of life and the human spirit, which strike different beats depending on the sounds and silences generated by experiences. She shares her writing on a few different platforms and is a frequent guest contributor to the Australia Times Poetry Magazine. She has also been published twice in The Poetic Bond Anthology, edited by Trevor Maynard, UK and published by Willowdown Books.

Neetu lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

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