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Poetry: mouth wash by Geoffrey Aitken

mouth wash

by Geoffrey Aitken

didn’t know
i was schizophrenic
& so
blurted out
you could shoot yourself
my imagination
to the muzzle
of a handgun
in my mouth
aimed vertically
to wonder
what i might feel
against my temple
what sort of mistake
that would be
& more recently
it’s been the invitation
to steer my vehicle
across the road
into oncoming traffic
failed to concern my GP
not abnormal
he assured me
again i wondered

how many triggers are there?

About the author

Geoffrey Aitken is a recovering schizophrenic and former Senior School English teacher who is writing cathartically to reignite his voice. He is an emerging poet here in South Australia and published by “TAMBA, Issues 66, 67 & 68” (AUS), “Cacti Fur” upcoming (US), “Flashes of Brilliance” (US), “Hole-in-the-Head” (US), “Into the Void” (CAN) and “Oxygen” (AUS). He is not after dinner suburban congeniality and though older, still requires supervision.

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