Give Me This Wish, I Wish Tonight by Julia

Give Me This Wish, I Wish Tonight

Cheap cardboard angel
blind eyes and dirty wings
impaled on top of the Christmas tree
oblivious to ravished wrapping paper
spangled bows and ribbons
crushed boxes and cheap toys

Under my red blanket
I am invisible
hidden from lascivious eyes
protected from predatory stares
that stab me in the back
exposing the knobs of my spine
like a broken string of pearls

Curled under my blanket
I pretend I am a Christmas angel
made of cardboard that does not bruise
safe in the sanctuary of the tree
hidden in the dark boughs

Blind me to the eyes
that rape me
protect me from dirty fingers
that probe my innocent vulnerability
leaving filthy prints on my thighs

Cowering under my red blanket
with shattered spine
and eyes that weep dirty pearls
I wish I was that angel


About the author:
Julia (aka FireMajic) is one of the pillars of WF. She is a mentor’s mentor, an advocate and source of encouragement  for new and struggling poets of all stripes. Her poetry is simply a joy to read.

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  1. Julia – One neatly crafted poem with surprisingly haunting and ingenious terms such as “impaled angel” used to summarize a damaged childhood. And no better setting than that time of year where the only “tearing” is that of gift wrappers.

    You are truly a strong and fearless advocate against abuse in all forms, evidenced is such brilliant poems as this.

    If not for reading you work and feedback, I do not believe my growth as a “Confessional” writer would be as fruitful as it has become over the years, most importantly for me. My thanks and respect.

    Laurie Foster Palmer

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