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Poetry: Interactions With a Complete Stranger by Colin R. James


by Colin R. James

I staked out the Grand Canyon
because I knew the crowds would come.
Waited under a wind tested overcrop
dressed conservatively in a safari hat,
baggy shorts balloon colored,
decent hiking boots.
The cars arrived soon after
also relentless in their fashion.
I pretended to be measuring occasionally
looking up at numerous eyes.
Little kids called out to me.
Drivers honked in accents unfamiliar, click.
The summer heat became overwhelming.
I sat down on a turtle-shaped rock.
A ranger in a dusty jeep pulled up
asked me if I was freaken crazy.
I didn’t have an immediate answer.
Her eyes and mouth were pointing northeasterly
where the best of the canyon suites descended.
Had quite a time of it deciding conceptually,
if all the litter was worth my time picking up.

About the author

Colin James is a poet who published a book of poetry, Resisting Probability, with Sagging Meniscus Press

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