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Poetry: Circular Economy by Geoffrey Aitken

circular economy
by Geoffrey Aitken

crowds flock
to showgrounds
for the carousel
the roundabout
that merry-go-round
or the whirly-gig
by colours
and confident showmen
where for small change
your shared ride
can transact
a brief
intimate encounter

in a classic dream chase

About the poet

Geoffrey Aitken is an emerging poet in his home State of South Australia and is
gaining increasing momentum with publishers like “Underground Writers: Issue 27 & 28”;
(AUS), “Glass Journal: Poets Resist” (US), “Flashes of Brilliance” (US); “Aesthetica” (UK),
“Pomme Journa” (Fr) and “Plum Tree Tavern” (US), the most recent.

He writes differently and is older poet concerned about our youth and the problem of mental
health along the avenues. He has experienced hospitalization, is medicated and feels for
others who struggle. He does not dwell. He reads at open mic here in the suburbs when
timely. He loves people and poetry equally.

Poetry: vespers by Geoffrey Aitken

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