Poetry: vespers by Geoffrey Aitken


did we really talk unconditionally
in those golden days
of change
or was it more casually
through the music of
his undying and
her eternal
our love taking wings
flying us into tomorrow
because i can’t recollect
the markers, the high tides
or the crosswinds
i tirelessly recall
the stolen glances
that would have written those conversations

About the author

Geoffrey Aitken is an emerging poet from suburban Adelaide, South Australia, with growing credentials including ‘Glass: Journal of Poetry’ in Ohio U.S. (August 2019) and an increasing number of home publishers. He writes as an older poet concerned about what we’re doing to our youth, what we’re leaving them and the problem of mental health along the avenues. He has experienced hospitalization, is medicated and feels for others who struggle with that pain. He does not dwell. Geoffrey reads at open mic here in the suburbs increasing his audience with every reading. He loves people and poetry equally.

Website: https://poetryfeasting.com/

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