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Poetry: The Mountain by RJ Farndon

The Mountain

by RJ Farndon

he is

a lonely mountain, shattered peak
a scar across the heavens
a wound that festers underneath
a failed quest for redemption

a scree slope, a cave
a wind-wrought rock
a fading remnant
a candle clock

a Hermit, trapped in Holy Virgin’s womb
memories, regrets, pain entombed

long excommunicated, bent digging a latrine
all the excrement he buries down below

from Mary’s umbilical, he cut the cord
his past, the world outside, strike solace on his back

rambling down dead ends, mumbling prayer
lies that reek of droppings, plastered in his locks

his worm-ridden mind, Satan’s serpent-snare
quartz crystals in candlelight, heaven all around

in pure elation from self-imposed suffocation
a coughed up feather
a bruised bloodied back
a belt of darkened leather

as wings break through his shoulder blades
his palimpsest of scars
the walk from his cave
his flight unto the stars

freedom, pure joy, jubilation
reborn reincarnate salvation
a fiery burning meteor
on his knees at heavens door

About the author

RJ Farndon lives in Birmingham UK. He tries to write novels and enjoys poetry.  He is happiest when the cricket is on, listening to Test Match Special, or sleeping under starry skies. He plays chess in the leagues and loves Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. “The Mountain” is the first piece of poetry he has had published.

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    1. Hi Neetu 🙂 . Thank you. You know none of it would have been possible if a very nice lady hadn’t encouraged me to try the workshop, then give me very helpful advice as to which poems to enter into Flashes. Gave me lots of help. I really should remember to thank her… All the best mate. Take care. Cheers. RJF

      1. I’m so glad the lady was in the right place at the right time, R. :)) But it’s your poem that deserves the credit!

    1. Hello Darren, cheers mate. Yes I must admit it is slightly surreal! Very happy times. Thanks for all your help. Ta very much, cheers RJF

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