Poetry: The Element of Cain – by Darkkin

by Darkkin

Of them, there are Four, brothers,
these elements, savage and old.

Air, eldest, an all encompassing power,
in the vast expanse, his atoms linger.

Fire, second in age, first in savagery,
volatile, reactive, catalyst’s smolder.

Earth, third born of the elements,
the aberrant, steadfast and hard.

Water, youngest, an amorphous grace,
countless wonders hid a dark need.

Vapour, he soared, swallowing Air.
Fluid, he quashed the blaze of Fire.
Solid, he dusted the strength of Earth.

A brother, covetous and killing–
Water, the element of Cain.

Darkkin is WritingForums poet extraordinaire. Her Strangeways poetry and other works are a blend of fantasy, myth-making and epic storytelling. They’re a work of beauty that only a master poet can write. (bio written by Bob Callaci)

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