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Poetry: the dance by Richard Farndon

the dance

if I asked you
would you dance
wild and freely in the tall grass
would you hold me like your lover
free and wildly brushing noses
a honking with the geeses
stamping out our meaning
would you whisper with your fingers
untie me with with your words
until I’m overcome by spaces
the hollows in your figure
a barking at the geeses
would you smooth my awkward angles
until they melt upon your touch
fierce and starkly in the moonlight
a hooting with the geeses
a dancing ever faster
as feet beat out poems on the turf
will you leave me like the others
when I tell you of my past

About the author

RJ Farndon is from Birmingham England. He joined WF in March 2020 and wrote his first poem a month later. Since then he has been published various times online and in journals and has had his work translated into Mandarin Chinese. He enjoys following Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, Warwickshire County Cricket Club and England. He sometimes plays chess in the leagues, enjoys reading, writing and posting poems on WF.

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