Valentine's micropoetry

Micropoetry: Roses are Dead

Valentine’s micropoetry by Arthur Vaso

roses are dead
love is too
so I ate all your chocolates
till you lose a few
my chubby valentine

About the author:

Arthur Vaso is a Canadian poet and writer of short stories. Living in Montreal, he enjoys reading, swimming, spending times in coffee shops debating life with others. A world traveler, he has seen many conflicts that have formed some of his views he holds now He is a romantic, and socially aware, poet who fights injustice, with fervour. He also plays classical guitar, loves music and many of his poems are based on music.

He is the founder of Vaso Publishing, a new very small publishing company, that will publish niche market books, by poets, authors and other artists.

image: Image by jill111 on Pixabay

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