Fiction: When The Mud Dries by Bob Callaci

By Bob Callaci

“I can’t believe that it’s come to this,” thought Jesse Lee. “I’m gonna die in this shithole, alone, with no one to shed a tear or offer me any comfort when the end comes. I’m scared shitless! Oh shit! What if God really exists? If He, She, or whatever it is, does, then that means there’s a Heaven and a goddamn Hell as well. If there is, I’m fucked. I’ll be thrown in hell to burn in hellfire or freeze in the Ice Mountains. What a cosmic joke, to be dying in excruciating pain in the middle of nowhere with my guts hanging out only to be plagued with eternal damnation rather than the sweet nothingness of oblivion. What’s a sin infested girl to do? Wait! Wait! That Old Catholic in me recalls God’s ‘Catch 22’. I think I have a way into heaven. I’ll plead for redemption. If He’s as all merciful as they say He is, then He’s got no choice but to forgive me if I’m sincere. Right now with hell facing me for eternity, I’m as fucking sincere as I’ll ever be.”

In a strained and pained voice barely above a whisper, Jesse said, “Oh God, please forgive me for my sins. I’m truly sorry for being a whore, killer and a mean assed bitch. I’ve led a corrupt life and enjoyed every bit of it, but have now seen the error of my ways. I beg of you, don’t send me to the devil’s house; let me sing along with the angels and lick on your divine mother fucking toes till the end of time.”

The Angel of Death stared into God’s light and said, “Which road do I take her on ‘My Grace’. She’s led a scandalous and debauched life. She’s even said that she enjoyed every bit of it. I see no regret in her soul for a life poorly led and she makes no bones about why she’s asking for redemption. But she is sincere even though her reasoning is self serving. Normally I’d slot her to hell but her plea has some teeth to it. I’m in a quandary and need you to make the final decision on this one.”

God’s light flickered for a moment and then IT’s light shone bright. In a melodic and sonorous voice GOD said, “Send her to my house. My toes haven’t been licked in eons.”

God’s laughter was heard throughout all the heavens and hells in the Multi-verse


About the author

Bob Callaci:

“Like thousands of other self proclaimed writers and poets I’ve always been drawn to the darker shades and etchings of humanity. Temptation, desire and the seven dark flavors of sin that Mankind feeds upon is fodder and drink for the writer’s ink. Desire, temptation and sin are the arrows, knives and bullets that can either lead us to damnation, salvation, negation or liberation. It’s the different influences, experiences, education and mindset (spiritual or otherwise) of the individual writer that determines what type of interpretation one puts on those darker shades and etchings.

As for myself I’m considered somewhat of a magical thinking science and logic loving existentialistic pagan breathing agnostic, a conundrum and a bit of a contradiction to be sure, but nothing is ever truly all black and white or even the ubiquitous gray, but only shades and hues of those pervasive two and its composite. My Novel: The Trinity Dreamscape and most of what I write are my interpretations on how the dark and light layers weave and interact together to create one sprawling intricate web of creation out of the nothingness of GOD.”

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