There ARE Monsters In Fairytales…..

     by Firemajic, joint winner of WritingForums  Poetry Challenge “False Fronts”, February 2018

There ARE Monsters In Fairytales…..

Once upon a time
we could have saved each other
Now our disease can only be erased
by innocent hands
entwined in our sickness
I can’t find any way to rewrite us

We share the same genetics
indelibly inked on the same page
self destruction spelled out in short lines
a script that cannot be changed
and that scares the shit out of me

I look the other way
not wanting your disease
inscribed on my eyelids
I already see it in my fingerprints
and your pain is tattooed on my ribs

Pretending nothing has changed
you share your tattered
battered umbrella
scant shelter for two sick siblings
huddled under illusions

Look into my sorrow!
Scavenge my memory dumpster
maybe you can decipher
my discarded mind scribbles
then cover them with your graffiti
and illustrate our Fairytale

Blind to my decline
effortless I tripped
fell down that rabbit hole
into your make believe world
tell me what you read
in my storybook eyes

Cover your mouth when you SCREAM…..


About the author:

Julia (aka firemajic) is one of the pillars of WF. She is a mentor’s mentor, an advocate and source of encouragement to beginning and struggling poets of all stripes. Her poetry is simply a joy to read.

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