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Poetry: Supersonic Cosmic Oboes by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Supersonic Cosmic Oboes

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Upon manifesting a best effort, he
Sank. More exactly (in hindsight),
He dropped all persons considered
“Family” while retaining internal
Capacitance to succeed, zoll by zoll.

Point of fact, many dutiful labors
Are needed to actualize real wins.
Yet, systematically, he redirected
So many inaccessible components
That no other respectable theorist
Did form sound, miscible solution.

Meaning, as was true with strangers,
His lack of opposable thumbs culled
Along no negentrophy; uncountable
Aids’ unequalled naiveté, regarding
Complicit goings-on, anole’s blood,
Haploid-bred rabbits, likewise, doves
Intended for sport, halted towkays.

Future laboratory ends could employ
Ansibles, else utilize gizmos meant
To candle eggs. After all, pretty orbs,
Other patterns, too, “shout out” near
Public gatherings, evidence “missing
Impulse control,” else point toward
Epigenetics, cold codfish, also snow
In Miami on clement July evenings.

About the author

KJ Hannah Greenberg captures the world in words and images. Her latest photography portfolio is 20/20: KJ Hannah Greenberg Eye on Israel. Her newest poetry collection is The Wife/Mom (Seashell Books, 2020). Her most recent fiction collection is Walnut Street

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