Abyss by Neetu Malik

She opens her hands,
clenched for years
in tight fists
like a new-born,

but these fists hold no secrets
of a mother’s womb,
no innocence, or dreams freshly sown—

instead, their hardened skin bears
lacerations that come
from a hard grip
on a fugitive soul

sliding mercilessly
into the devil’s pit

deep, deep
where she buried
old wounds


About the author:

Born in India, Neetu has lived in Austria, England, and Canada before settling in the Eastern USA in 1994. Neetu’s eclectic work reflects her diverse background as she explores the joy and darkness of the human condition in poems and stories noteworthy for their intensity in brief span.  Her poetry is published in journals and Anthologies from Australia, USA, UK, and India.  Her poem, “Soaring Flames”, was awarded First-Place by the NY Literary Magazine (2017).  Nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2018, Neetu’s poem “Sacred Figs” was published in The Ocotillo Review by Kallisto Gaia Press.
Neetu’s work can be found at:
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