Visual Art

Fall Sunflowers on Parade

courtesy of Terry Durbin

Sunflower Seed Heads in Fall
Sunflower Seed Heads in Fall

Sunflowers in Fall
Sunflowers in Fall
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  1. Terry, I’m a lover of sunflowers ever since they towered over me when young. “Sunflowers in Fall” is my favorite composition for these reasons:

    Interpretive – Haunting image of yellow head turned dark ochre, bowing to a new season.

    Contrast – Withering in forefront of vibrant sky. Absolutely, startling in both sense of the word.

    Resolution – So keen. I can actually see beehive cones in the seed heads!

    Point of view – Banishing the pre-conceived notion of the “sun”flower.

    All in all, you’ve captured the beauty in sadness. The visual partner to my poetry. Thank you and hope to see more!

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