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Poetry: of reality by Stephen House

of reality 
by Stephen House

it is the collaboration manifestation of once or now experienced 
and recollection of former celebrated instance defined and chosen
way of being and needing together with self-forming colouring 
creating the familiar collective of all existing surrounding within
self-narrative structured spontaneously to accompany ongoing path 
through the entirety of self as individual constructed understanding
as dawn into dusk continue and changing revolves accompanying 
seasonal sliding by and offering view and feel with sound sensation 
while touching and kindness of eyes and smile by near ones loved 
and memories of forever encounters old and new stranger others 
be them as lover or passer in sliding journey as clusters grouped 
by related somehow to delight in and amused by or sex-attracted to 
and those who have been significantly of it solid in the now but no 
more than earth creatures of planet surviving quietly offering glimpse 
of wildlife nature as it is and has been reminds we are only as air is 
and also hope of continuing but flower will wilt and tree yellow 
so backwoods kept untouched by human or machine still surviving 
in pockets of what is freedom as sea lapping washes by wave storm 
froth and current flows as swimming floating or sinking one with
but also part of the cities stood in to travel to and towns once villages 
somehow on the build and sought driving to nowhere or hiking to be in 
and sleeping in dreamt room or shelter by offer for anywhere as nights 
of clubbing and the bars once everything to hold for dance and flirt 
and drink or drug and fucking like the world eternity youthful crave 
all being for mine only with it holding and family and pain watching
dying mother who she is coming to finality and love inside for son
or daughter or all adjoining who came about from long chapter 
in timing as them and us and how unknown is always still drifting in
away and how life is living and presence has unfolded emerged phase 
descends and decay highlight bliss of reality for the yoga in breath
equals meditation on what is as is be it one called me or you as them 
whether span received has been shortened or long or happy or terrible 
it is cherished because it is much more of how it is for this has been it 

About the author

Stephen House is an award winning playwright, poet and actor. He’s won two Awgie Awards (Australian Writer’s Guild), an Adelaide Fringe Award, First Prize Rhonda Jancovich Poetry Award for Social Justice, The Goolwa Poetry Cup, First Prize SA Writers / Feast Short Story Prize & Second Prize Poetry at Sawmillers. He has been shortlisted / highly commended for Lane Cove Poetry Award, Overland’s Fair Australia Fiction Prize, Patrick White Playwright and Queensland Premier Drama Awards, the Tom Collins, Robyn Mathison, Eyre writers, Mindshare, Rhonda Jankovic Poetry Awards, Di Cranston Script Award, and a Greenroom best actor Award. He has received Australia Council Canada and Ireland literature residencies, and an Asia-link India literature residency. He has seen his plays and poems published widely.  His poetry collection “real and unreal” was published by ICOE Press Australia. He travels widely and continues to perform his acclaimed monologues.

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