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Poetry: Having Crept from the Shoe’s Cocoon

By Peter Magliocco

Having Crept from the Shoe’s Cocoon

(After a line by Rilke)

How was she to caress him: with the earth
Creeping into the knowledge of things,
…………….Feel the toe pull blossoming into
Cognizance of life’s treading steps

…………….Into the lair of cannibals to be,
Waiting to ingest every heel imaginable
Of hole-in-sole humanity gone bad.
…………….Limping nightmarishly along,
Feasting on leather’s unpolished remains

Could she go barefoot over paths of love?
Where the wind was bearing terrestrial secrets
Into forgotten caves, her teeth reddened by dust
Of witch doctors decrying all fallen arches

& her ankle’s delicate butterfly, sang Rilke,
……………Shaped like a rare gem in mist.

About the author

Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he’s been active in the small presses for several years as writer, poet, and lit-‘zine editor of ART: MAG. His recently poetry for online & print publications is in IMPSPIRED MAGAZINE, GREEN SILK JOURNAL, MIDNIGHT LANE BOUTIQUE, HARBINER ASYLUM, ARIEL CHART, and elsewhere. A multiple nominee for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, his latest poetry books are Go to the Pain Lovers (Duck Lake Books) , The Underground Movie Poems (Horror Sleaze Trash), and Night Pictures from the Climate Change (Cyberwit.net).

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