God Bless the Universe – by Dominique Galiano

God Bless the Universe
by Dominique Galiano

Blessings are needed everywhere during these
turbulent times on Earth,
world leaders on the edge of madness,
guns on coat racks, glacial meltdowns,
deforestation, racial violence,
humanity losing its humanity.

Turn to God, face inward,
actualize peace and goodwill in the universe,
manifest tolerance, inner truth guided toward
peace of mind and men.

The spirit of kindness lends a helping hand,
an old man lies fallen by the curb,
a neighbors’ mail strewn along the walk,
repairs to a battered sign in the church yard
invoke blessings on the world and embrace
All That Is.

Dominique Galiano was born in Chicago, and now resides in Northern Illinois. She is a Gen-Ed and Special-Ed high school bus driver who loves her job. She also loves photography, writing, and beading.

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