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Poetry: The Collector by Jennifer Christie Temple

The Collector

by Jennifer Christie Temple

Old dusty curiosities,
miscellaneous discoveries,
a jumble of absurdities,
frivolities and vanities,
collected opportunities
to showcase multiplicities.

Small idiosyncrasies,
impractical obscurities,
mix of peculiarities,
some with similarities,
also a few anomalies
enhancing authenticities.

All sorts of possibilities,
with different personalities;
bottles from old distilleries,
some pictures of celebrities,
pennies that are rarities
and cards from anniversaries.

Monstrosities and forgeries,
Gran’s teeth and other lunacies,
she’s making no apologies
for glaring incongruities;
exposing eccentricities
and maybe insecurities.

Caddies, machetes, china bees,
irrational irrelevancies,
no concept of sufficiencies
but led by availabilities,
she indulges her propensities
for collecting generalities.

About the author

Jennifer Christie Temple is a writer and poet who lives in the Welsh Marches between England and Wales. Her short stories and poems have been published in magazines in the UK, Australia and Ireland and, for several years, she had a regular column in a Birmingham (UK) newspaper, writing small humorous pieces about life in the city.
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