Poetry: So Close… by Lisa Korba Alvarez

So Close … by Lisa Korba Alvarez was the winning entry for WritingForums Grand Invitational Prize Poetry Challenge 2016

Side by side
on the sofa,
both seeming to study
a science fiction flick.

A pause to pop corn
and coax chattering children
to embrace the Sandman.
As she doles out six kisses,
he sneaks a text.

The invasion resumes
as she reclaims
their shared cushion.
His mind is lost
on lustful trysts
with his current lover,
while she,
glass with two straws in hand,
snuggles closer
and tries to spy an alien.

Blind woman need only
slide her eyes
to her left side.

About the Poet

Lisa Korba Alvarez was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York but currently resides in Queens surrounded by trees which affords her a fair share of contentment. Her greatest inspiration was her father, Chester, who believed in her and taught her to believe in herself thereby giving her the tools to survive almost anything, and thankfully so, for fate has tested those tools repeatedly in his absence. She adores her daughter, three sons, her granddaughter, and her parrot, Butters, all of whom keep her busy, grounded, and bring her the greatest joy imaginable. She is indebted to her Writing Forums family for every word she writes for it was her well-versed teachers at the site who taught her everything she knows about poetry. Without them, she’d still be spewing forth cringeworthy forced rhymes. Her gratitude for her WF mentors is immeasurable and eternal. They’ve given her the gift of expression which without a doubt has saved her sanity.


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