What The Truck?

By Fred Weller

What The Truck?


“The new Bevey Trucks are the most dependable trucks on the market, winning BS Power awards for dependability 62 years straight. So dependable, your dad can pass it down to you…”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, young lady?”

“Do you not think we have value? That we could earn enough as adults to buy our own trucks?”

“I… I don’t understand…this isn’t in the script..

“Well, you seem to assume that as adults, we’d be incapable of buying a truck ourselves.”

“It’s just that, the Bevey is so reliable, more so than the Dord…”

“And that’s a false dichotomy,” the boy chimed in, “there are other quality vehicles that may suit our needs. A Rodge truck, or maybe a Japanese import…”

The girl stared at the Bevey. “Yeah. You always show these things looking cool, with hipsters fawning over them. How about we see these things in action. For reals?”

“Yeah! Burn some rubber! Haul some ass!”

“Now hold on kids.” The man, looked nervously at the ground sputtered, “These, these trucks are just showroom models. We only put a couple of gallons of gas in them.”

“Typical dealer bullshit.”

“I know, right?” The boy stepped up, lifted on his toes to face the man. “These assholes are always wasting our time. Devaluing us as people. What? You think ’cause I’m a kid, I’m stupid? Is that it?!”

The two parents, standing next to the kids, nod slowly to themselves and backed off.

“Ummm. Do we have any other actors? These kids don’t seem to be working out…”

“Divide and conquer?” A boy outside of camera shot yelled. “I don’t think so. Deal with them.”

The girl threw her hands on her hips. “What’s the real lesson here? Dependency? Obedience to authority? Blind acceptance of ‘facts’?”

“Please, give me a break! We’re just trying to sell trucks here!”

“Are you? Mom, Apple Pie, and Bevrolet? The whole package, right?” The girl ripped the microphone off her collar, and screamed. “Well, we ain’t buying! No more!”

The girl turned her back to the man, and walked away. The boy smirked, and joined her. Their parents fell in behind, along with the extras. The cameraman and boom operator dropped their gear and followed.

“Wait! Wait! We’re running a Dads and Grads special next month! $1000 first time buyer’s bonus! Veteran’s discount…”


About the author:

Fred Weller works include speculative fiction and prose, but his main body of work is focused on commentary and opinion. 

Mr. Weller lives in Northwest Washington State, where he enjoys homesteading with his family, and working with his hands at the nearby shipyard. He finds his story ideas everywhere. Blessed by a rich and vibrant environment, he sees the opportunities around him, not on a screen, but in the real world.

While currently employed as a heavy equipment operator, previous careers include US Marine Infantry, Youth Counselor, Correctional Supervisor, Manager, and In-Home Service Technician. He has found the best stories include the best characters. And the way to write the best characters is to go out and meet them yourself.

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