Awareness Before Comprehension

Awareness Before Comprehension 

By Katrina Plumb

The body is not an apology
to be announced wherever it goes.
Leading out from the messengers which know
it houses some lessons to educate.
Mind strives to interpret the symptoms,
see what antibodies say.
It is slow making sense
of the mystery.
The flow is not going its way.

It can learn from experts;
box each disease in their minds
feed empirical evidence they need
to prescribe
against toxic environments

the body belongs to
anatomy it needs to value
in a fight where the hormones
have flipped prescription
to provoke.


About the author:

‘Katrina employs boundless creative energy to bring into existence expressions that were not here before and has had a variegated life from which to draw on, prize-winning in The International Library of Poetry’s ‘Memories of the Millennium’ and winning a photography competition at the South Bank Centre, where her work was displayed. Regularly appearing in The International Who’s Who in Poetry, this poet has a generosity of spirit from which we can all gain a supple grounding in our literary heritage.”

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